Fibronectinによる歯こう,歯石の形成機 IV  歯石におけるFibronectinの局在


  • The mechanism of dental plaque and dental calculus formation by fibronectin. 4. Demonstration by fibronectin in the dental calculus.
  • 4. Demonstration by Fibronectin in the Dental Calculus
  • 第4報 歯石における Fibronectin の局在



This study was attempted in order to clalify a distribution of fibronectin in supragingival and sub-gingival calculus by using immunohistological technique.<br>The component of fibronectin was demonstrated in all of 21 subjects of individuals with periodontal disease.<br>The immunohistological observation of fibronectin in the dental calculus revealed that the localization was classfied into two types: being instra or spreading.<br>Such foci of fibronectin were correspond to low calcified area which was suggested by H⋅E staining and von Kossa staining.<br>Above observation exactly coincided with the nature of fibronectin that the substance showed strong affinity to Ca++, PO4--- and other mineral, and inhibited the fibronectin to hydroxyapatite from octacalcium phosphate.


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