Periodontal Disease and Resistance Factor

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  • 歯周疾患と抵抗因子 V 1  種々の培養条件によるL細胞のfibronectin産生の免疫組織学的検討
  • 第5編 (1) 種々の培養条件によるL細胞の fibronectin 産生の免疫組織学的検討

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It is well known that the fibronctin composed of cell surface and plasma fibronectin plays a role of promoting cell proliferation and then regeneration of injured tissue by its biological function. We reported that the fibronectin localized in various components of human inflamed gingiva, and gave suggestion that the substance was correlated to local resistance factor to periodontal disease.<br>This study was made to clarify the formation of fibronection in L-cells which cultured under several conditions. While L-cells cultured under very poor condition which disappered during culture for five days were not demonstrated the fibronectin in their cytoplasm, others included groups which cultured under poor condition were observed the formation. The fluorescence was categorized into three groups of diffuse, granular, and fibrillar pattern.<br>From above, it was suggested that the fibroblasts in periodontal tissue with inflammatory destruction formed fibronectin, promoted to proliferate themselves, and then led to regeneration of the injured periodntal tissue.



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