Periodontal Disease and Resistance Factor

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  • 歯周疾患と抵抗因子 IV  Fibronectinの歯肉組織における局在と機能について
  • 第4編 Fibronectin の歯肉組織における局在と機能について

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The localization of fibronectin in the human inflamed gingiva was demonstrated by a immunofluorescent technique which used monoclonal antibody by product of a hybridoma formed by the PEG fusion of the mouse myeloma PX×63 Ag8 and splenocytes from a BALB/c mouse immunized with human muscle myoblasts. The fibronectin was dectected in the cytoplasm of gingival epithelial cells fibroblasts or fibrocytes, endothelial cells, on the basement and collagen bundle, in the space of collagen bundle, and inflammatory exudates. From above immunopathological observation and histopathological study of gingival tissue, it was suggested that the function of fibronectin was correlated to generate gingival tissue by to promote and induct the proliferation of fibroblasts or epithelial cells.



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