The attenuation of torsional strain wave in a PMMA rod.

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  • PMMA丸棒内のねじり波の減衰
  • PMMA マルボウナイ ノ ネジリハ ノ ゲンスイ

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In order to clarify the strain attenuation during shear wave propagation, impact torsion experiments are carried out using a PMMA rod specimen. The strain pulses measured by strain gages are complicated due to the superposition of many reflected and transmitted waves from the supported end of the specimen. To obtain data from such pulses for determining a viscoelastic model, a method which modifies the pulse form is developed taking into account wave propagation behavior in the experimental system. From Fourier components of the modified pulses, complex compliances and viscoelastic constants are evaluated assuming that the three-element standard linear solid model can be applied to the specimen. The attenuation of shear strain with propagation distance is predicted by the one-dimensional viscoelastic wave propagation theory. As a result, predicted values of shear strain agree well with experimental ones.


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