Residual Stress of TiC/SiC Composite Film Coated by Chemical Vapor Deposition.

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  • CVD法によるTiC‐SiC系被覆膜の残留応力
  • CVDホウ ニ ヨル TiC SiCケイ ヒフク マク ノ ザンリュウ オウリ

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X-Ray stress measurement was applied to TiC and SiC monolithic films and TiC/SiC composite films coated by CVD process on graphite substrates. Textures of films were examined by the X-ray diffraction method. TiC coating had preferential growth of the (2 2 0) plane. SiC coating had preferential growth of the (1 1 1) plane. TiC/SiC composite coating showed a strong texture of the (2 2 0) plane perpendicular to the substrate surface. The diffractions from TiC (3 3 1) and SiC (3 3 1) planes by Fe-Kα characteristic X-rays are suited for X-ray residual stress measurement in thin films. In TiC/SiC composite coating, X-ray diffraction profiles from the TiC phase and SiC phase overlap. These line profiles were separated into TiC and SiC line profiles by the modified DFP method. Phase stresses in the TiC phase and SiC phase in TiC/SiC composite coating showed a triaxial stress state. The measured residual stress of the TiC phase is tensile and that of the SiC phase is compressive. Although the surface residual stress in SiC monolithic coating with thicknesses below 30μm was compressive, the residual stress was tensile for thick coating, and increased with increasing film thickness.


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