A hospital-based survey of TMD patients at Tokushima University Hospital -The ratio of men to women, the age distribution and the office visiting period-

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  • 徳島大学病院における顎関節症患者の特徴に関する調査―男女比,年齢構成と受診期間―

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Objective: The purpose of this research was to clarify the characteristics of TMD patients at Tokushima University Hospital and to investigate the effects of clinical sampling bias.<br> Materials and Methods: Recorded data of selected TMD patients (1,083 cases, average age 39.2±19.4, male : female=1 : 2.4) from the TMD report system in the digital chart system of the hospital and new patients of Tokushima University Hospital Dental Division (24,588 cases, average age 43.0±23.5, male : female=1 : 1.4) were analyzed in terms of the age distribution, the male to female ratio and the treatment period.<br> Results: The male to female ratio of both groups was significantly different (chi-square test: p<0.001). The age distribution of TMD patients was bimodal. Peak age groups were 15-24 and 55-59 years old. In comparison with the new patients group, there were many TMD patients among the 15-34 year-old group, but few in the 60-84 year-old group. On the contrary, the age distributions were different from those of the general population in Tokushima prefecture (Population Census 2005, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), particularly among the middle aged. This comparison indicated that the bimodal age distribution of TMD patients might reflect a sampling bias of the clinic-based sample. For example, the limited office hours for outpatient care of the university hospital might result in a socio-economic bias for working-age patients and cause an apparent bimodal distribution. Regarding treatment period, about 80% of patients completed regular outpatient treatment within 90 days and about 90% of patients completed it within 180 days. On the other hand, there were 52 cases (4.8% of 1,083 cases) who received outpatient treatment for more than 1 year.<br> Conclusion: The characteristics of TMD patients at Tokushima University Hospital were investigated, including the effects of clinical sampling bias.<br>


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