Zanamivir Inhalation Therapy by Nebulizer for Influenza Virus Infection

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  • インフルエンザ・ウイルス感染症に対するネブライザー吸入によるザナミビルの使用経験

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We administered zanamivir by inhalation using a nebulizer to children with influenza virus infection during the 2001/02 season. The treatment was performed twice a day for a maximum of 5 days in inpatients and once a day for 2 days in outpatients with 5 mg of zanamivir each time in all of them. Their general conditions improved rapidly and no adverse events were observed. Statistical analysis, however, did not show a significant difference in efficacy among inpatients, outpatients and control groups; probably because of differences regarding their clinical characteristics or lack of dosage. Since children with influenza virus infection are at a risk of developing encephalitis or encephalopathy, zanamivir is thought to be suitable for pediatric patients diagnosed as having influenza, because it is highly safe and its effects are quick. Moreover, our method, that is inhalation using a nebulizer, is reliable and easy to perform even in infants. However, it is necessary to evaluate its efficacy and safety by an exact method.


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