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A prototype of a loosely coupled cataloging system based on FRBR model

  • TANABE Kosuke
    National Institute for Materials Science / Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
  • TAKAKU Masao
    University of Tsukuba
  • EGUSA Yuka
    National Institute for Educational Policy Research

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  • 疎結合構成によるFRBRモデルに基づく目録システムの試作
  • 第21回年次大会予稿 疎結合構成によるFRBRモデルに基づく目録システムの試作
  • ダイ21カイ ネンジ タイカイ ヨコウ ソケツゴウ コウセイ ニ ヨル FRBR モデル ニ モトズク モクロク システム ノ シサク

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We propose a loosely coupled implementation model that allows cataloging systems to record FRBR Work and Expression entities connecting bibliographic records maintained by existing libraries. The proposed model enables a cataloging system that records Work and Expression entities to operate independently from existing cataloging systems. We have developed a prototype system that uses CiNii Books as an existing cataloging system and showed its feasibility.



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