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Question Analyses for the Vague Recollection of Manga

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  • うろ覚えマンガに対する質問分析の試み
  • ウロオボエ マンガ ニ タイスル シツモン ブンセキ ノ ココロミ

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There are methods of searching the vague recollection of manga that utilize reference question in library and Q&A websites. This study extracted and analyzed 300 questions in two Q&A websites. We defined 11 categories, and assigned one or more categories for each question. In addition, we collected 10 books and websites to provide an answer for the questions and assessed whether these resources provided information for each categories or not. In conclusion, we found that 3 categories, “genre of manga, action of character, feature of character”, are the most needed ones for the vague recollection of manga.



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