An attempt to apply crowdsourcing on link between LOD datasets

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  • ARAI Eiju
    College of Knowledge and Library Sciences, School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba
  • SAKAGUCHI Tetsuo
    Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, University of Tsukuba

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  • 情報知識学会第25回(2017年度)年次大会プログラム
  • LODデータセット間のリンクにおけるクラウドソーシング適用の試み
  • LOD データセット カン ノ リンク ニ オケル クラウドソーシング テキヨウ ノ ココロミ

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<p> In recent years, publishing Linked Open Data (LOD) are promoted, and LOD datasets of various subject areas are provided by many organizations. Links between datasets are important for utilizing them, and how to carry out comprehensive links on the same or related things becomes a problem. Therefore, in this research, we propose applying microtask type crowdsourcing which is being used recently to linking, and develop a method and report the experimental result using sample data.</p>



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