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Chromosomal Studies of Ferns and Fern-allies in the Republics of Fiji and Vanuatu, South Pacific I. Psilotaceae, Ophioglossaceae, Marattiaceae and Schizaeaceae

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  • 南太平洋フィジー及びバヌアツ共和国産シダ植物の染色体研究I.マツバラン科, ハナヤスリ科, リュウビンタイ科, フサシダ科
  • Chromosomal studies of ferns and fern-allies in the Republics of Fiji and Vanuatu,South Pacific 1.Psilotaceae,Ophioglossaceae,Marattiaceae and Schizaeaceae
  • Chromosomal studies of ferns and fern-a

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Chromosome numbers of four fems and a fern-ally native to Fiji and Vanuatu were examined. Chromosome numbers reported were n=52 in Psilotum complanatum (Psilotaceae), n=ca. 240 in Ophioglossum petiolatum (Ophioglossaceae), 2n=160 in Angiopteris evecta (Marattiaceae), 2n=78 in Marattia smithii (Marattiaceae) and 2n=60 in Lygodium reticulatum (Schizaeaceae). The chromosome numbers of Marattia smithii and Lygodium reticulatum is reported here for the first time, and those of the remaining three species were determined for the first time in Fijian and Vanuatuan plants. In Lygodium reticulatum, the karyomorphology of somatic chromosomes is described.



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