Mechanical Evaluations of Structural and Material Composition of Eggshell.

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  • 卵殻の構造・組織の力学的評価
  • ランカク ノ コウゾウ ソシキ ノ リキガクテキ ヒョウカ

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An eggshell is craked easily by an inside load, but has strong resistance to an outside load. In this study the structural and material composition of a hen's eggshell is analyzed by microscopic observation, static and dynamic penetration tests and FEM. The results obtained are as follows. (1) From microscopic observation, the eggshell is found to have a laminated structure of many material compositions. (2) The outer eggshell membrane acts as a strong adhesive between the inner eggshell membrane and the eggshell. (3) A cone-type punch and striker makes an initial crack easily, but large penetration energies are required. (4) The penetration energy required from outside of an eggshell is bigger than from inside and consists of the energies required to break the membrane and peel it off the eggshell.


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