The GaitMaster : Locomotion Interface for Uneven Virtual Surface

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  • 凹凸面を呈示するロコモーションインタフェースGaitMaster(<特集>ロコモーションインタフェース)
  • 凹凸面を呈示するロコモーションインタフェースGaitMaster
  • オウトツメン オ テイジ スル ロコモーション インタフェース GaitMaster

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This paper describes locomtion interface that presents uneven virtual surface. The term "haptics" is currently being generalized beyond just hand-object interaction. One of the new frontiers of haptic interface is full-body haptics that includes foot haptics. Force applied to a foot is essential in walking on uneven virtual surface, such as staircases. We developed a 4DOF motion platform for each foot. Two motion platforms move according with positon of the feet. These devices are mounted on a turn table, which rotates the devices according with rotation of the body. This mechanism simulates omni-directional uneven surface.


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