Projecting Stereoscopic Image in a Compact Immersive Spherical Display "SpinDome"

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  • 小型没入球面ディスプレイ「スピンドーム」における立体視(「テレイマージョン」特集)
  • 小型没入球面ディスプレイ「スピンドーム」における立体視
  • コガタ ボツニュウ キュウメン ディスプレイ スピンドーム ニ オケル リッタイシ

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The "SpinDome" is an image display using wide-angle spherical screen. Sphere is an ideal shape of a screen that covers human visual field. The optical system of the SpinDome employs two mirrors: a flat mirror and a spherical convex mirror. The flat mirror bends the light so that the viewer can see the image from the center of the spherical screen. This optical configuration enables seamless wide-angle image in a very limited space. A rotary mechanical shutter is set in front of the projectors, which provides stereoscopic image. Effectiveness of the display is exemplified by maneuvering a remote vehicle.



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