Wallpaper Replacement Simulation in a Free-Hand Movie by Using Mixed Reality(<Special Issue>Mixed Reality)


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  • フリーハンド映像から切り出した壁領域に対する複合現実型壁紙シミュレーション(<特集>複合現実感6)
  • フリーハンド映像から切り出した壁領域に対する複合現実型壁紙シミュレーション
  • フリーハンド エイゾウ カラ キリダシタ カベ リョウイキ ニ タイスル フクゴウ ゲンジツガタ カベガミ シミュレーション

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This paper proposes a wallpaper replacement method in a free-hand movie by using Mixed-Reality (MR) technique. Our method overlaps virtual wallpaper onto a real wall region in a movie that is taken by handheld camera looking around a room. In an ordinary way, 3D models of the target room are required. However, such special and expensive 3D survey instrument is not available in homes or offices where many users demand for a wallpaper replacement simulation. We solve this problem to extract a wallpaper region by using image segmentation technique with user interaction. Image segmentation technique can extract a target objects that include a thin one from a source image with an appropriate user interaction, and requires no special equipment like a 3D survey instrument. By applying our method, wallpaper replacement can be easily realized by using only a handy camera and a PC.



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