Baby Type Robot "YOTARO"

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  • 赤ちゃん型ロボット「YOTARO」(<特集>アート&エンタテインメント2)
  • 赤ちゃん型ロボット「YOTARO」
  • アカチャンガタ ロボット YOTARO

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YOTARO is a baby type robot developed to make possible a virtual sensation of play with a baby. When playing with YOTARO, it has many kinds of emotion and reactions, such as smiling, crying, sleepy, angry, sneeze. YOTARO is controlled by emotion control program based in inputs, such as touching soft and warm face, touching stomach, shaking rattle; after that, interactive reactions are output as voices, expressions change, movement of hands and legs, sniveling, and skin's color change. YOTARO is designed about observation of people's viewpoint to babies aiming to elevate the level of interaction.



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