Application of the Preisach Model to Tension-Compression Asymmetric Deformation Behavior of Martensitic Shape Memory Alloys

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  • PREISACHモデルのマルテンサイト形状記憶合金の引張・圧縮非対称変形挙動への応用
  • PREISACH モデル ノ マルテンサイト ケイジョウ キオク ゴウキン ノ ヒッパリ アッシュク ヒタイショウ ヘンケイ キョドウ エ ノ オウヨウ

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The Preisach model is applied to hysteresis of required energy for reorientations of martensitic variants of shape memory alloys. To express tension-compression asymmetric behavior, three variants are considered, which are the thermal induced, the tensile stress induced, and the compressive stress induced martensitic variants. Residual stresses due to unconformity at interfaces between grains are also considered into the energy. Stress-strain hysteresis loops for a bar under tension-compression cyclic loading are simulated and they are compared with available measured data. Results show that this model can capture quite well asymmetric stress-strain deformation behavior for tension and compression and difference in stress-strain relationship between the first and the second cycle. This indicates that the proposed model can be used for explanation of the deformation behavior of shape memory alloys and for design of structural elements with shape memory alloys.



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