Individual Modeling Method Based on the X-ray CT Images (The Correction Method of CT Values Influenced by Partial Volume Effect)

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  • X線CT画像に基づく骨体の個体別モデリング手法に関する研究(パーシャルボリューム効果の補正手法の提案)
  • Xセン CT ガゾウ ニ モトヅク コツタイ ノ コタイ ベツ モデリング シュホウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ パーシャルボリューム コウカ ノ ホセイ シュホウ ノ テイアン
  • The Correction Method of CT Values Influenced by Partial Volume Effect
  • パーシャルボリューム効果の補正手法の提案

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Individual stress analysis of a bone based on X-ray CT data provides useful information for diagnoses and medical treatments. Many studies on the stress analyses have been reported, however little attention has given to partial volume effect in the CT data. The partial volume effect may cause lower reliability in the analytical results because CT values on a bony part are changed by the effect. This paper proposes a method to correct CT values influenced by the partial volume effect. The correction method transforms CT values using a regression curve of an exponential function. The validity of the proposed method is confirmed by use of CT images of femurs of a pig and human mandibles.


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