In-situ Thermal Stress Measurement in Multi-layered Aluminum Nitride and Copper Films by Synchrotron Radiation

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  • 放射光を用いた窒化アルミニウム‐銅積層膜の熱応力とその場測定
  • ホウシャコウ オ モチイタ チッカ アルミニウム ドウ セキソウマク ノ ネツ オウリョク ソノバ ソクテイ

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The specimen prepared in this study was multi-later aluminum nitride and copper films deposited on thermal oxidation silicon by dc sputtering. Thermal stresses in the copper layers were investigated by ultra high X-rays of synchrotron radiation in the heating and cooling process. It found from the sin2 ψ diagrams of the multi-layered film that the copper layers consisted of crystal grains which had two different orientations. One was randomly orientation, and the other was {111} orientation. The FWHM of the diffraction from the {111} -oriented crystal grains was constant regardless of heating temperature. On the other hand, the FWHM of the diffraction from the randomly-oriented crystal grains was decreased with increasing heating temperature at 1st heating cycle and it became constant regardless of heating temperature after the 1st heating cycle. The 2θ-sin2 ψ diagrams of the multi-layered film for the stress measurement showed non-linear. We could obtain thermal stresses in two different orientation crystal grains from the non-linear 2θ-sin2 ψdiagram at same time. For both crystal grains, the thermal stress differences between the 1st heating and the 1st cooling cycles were shown as a hysteresis loop. In the case of the 2nd thermal cycles, the thermal stresses changed linearly for both crystal grains. For the 1st heating cycle, the compressive thermal stress in the {111} -oriented crystal grains was larger than that in the randomly-oriented one.



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