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Ethical consideration for ART information : focus on risks of "multiple pregnancy" and "fetal reduction"

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  • 生殖補助医療における情報提供の在り方に関する検討 : 多胎妊娠等のリスク情報に着目して

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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment has made remarkable progress and is rapidly infiltrating into society as one of the choices for inducing pregnancy. On the other hand, ART technology raises serious issues, such as "multiple pregnancy" and "fetal reduction" due to the use of ovulatory drugs or treatment with IVF-ET. This report discusses the kind of information which will be available to patients when making decisions about ART treatment. Especially, we will describe the quality and the quantity of the information about risks of multiple pregnancies. This information has been collected from papers for informed consent that are considered as one of the most important information sources for patients, in addition to gathering it by themselves with books or internet. In conclusion, we have suggested that patients are not sufficiently informed about the risks of multiple pregnancies and so forth, when they make decisions to select ART treatment.


  • Bioethics

    Bioethics 14 (1), 118-124, 2004

    Japan Association for Bioethics


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