Psychological problems in the hospice care(<Special issue>Human behavior in extreme situation)

  • ABE Kazuo
    Hokkaido Prefectural Day Care Center Nurses Training Institute

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  • ホスピスケアにおける心理学的問題(<特集>「極限状態における人間」)
  • ホスピスケアにおける心理学的問題
  • ホスピスケア ニ オケル シンリガクテキ モンダイ

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The hospice care relates to "receptive promotion to the death " for dying people and their families. This means that it has come up to the ultimate condition for the care giving parts and receiving parts in which persons on the utmost limits should square off against such a severe situation. We have made attempts to offer our hospice care to the patients suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy on the verge of the verge of death in their adolescence (at the age of 24 or 25) since July, 1978. What has been clarified there, however, is that the mortal phase could be contemplated as ways of life left for the dying people and as living demeanor of the persons related to them, and better departure to another world would be achieved by casual routine good ways of life and determined by good encounters. It would be brought by variation of the existence pattern, which could have indicated to make it possible through psychotherapeutical approaches.


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