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Cultural potential of Japanese grown-up overseas(<Special issue>Psychological problems of children returned from overseas)


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  • 海外成長日本人の文化的ポテンシャル(<特集>海外帰国子女の心理学的課題)
  • 海外成長日本人の文化的ポテンシャル
  • カイガイ セイチョウ ニホンジン ノ ブンカテキ ポテンシャル

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Japanese children who lived overseas and then returned to Japan, often have caused a problem of readjustment to Japanese school life after their return. The issues of returning are especially acute for children who face difficulties of re-integrating into both their peer group and the Japanese educational system because of that native children and teachers hardly share the experience of sojourning abroad and value systems attained by those returnees who are so different from the native Japanese. In some cases the returnees are victims of bulling or IJIME by their peer group and cannot help moving to another school or even to overseas again but the majority of returned children overcome difficulties and successfully reassimilated Japanese life. Moreover they becomes to display a potential source of new aspect within the Japanese system because of their foreign language proficiency, wide view of international affairs, active participation to school events and so on, which have been tained with foreign culture. It is noteworthy that those returnees can find suitable jobs after graduation and may perform well in the Japanese society as productive power for future of Japan.


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