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A study of psychological problems after leaving destructive cults : The effects of the progress period after leaving and counseling


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  • 破壊的カルト脱会後の心理的問題についての検討 : 脱会後の経過期間およびカウンセリングの効果
  • ハカイテキ カルト ダッカイ ゴ ノ シンリテキ モンダイ ニ ツイテ ノ ケントウ ダッカイ ゴ ノ ケイカ キカン オヨビ カウンセリング ノ コウカ

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The purpose of this study was to examine the psychological problems experienced after leaving destructive cults and the effects of the progress period after leaving and non-professional counseling. The study analyzed the psychological problems by using a questionnaire survey administrated to 157 former cult members from two different cults. The results of factor analysis revealed the following eleven factors for psychological problems: 1) tendencies for depression and anxiety, 2) loss of self esteem, 3) remorse and regret, 4) friendship building and socializing difficulties, 5) family relationship difficulties, 6) floating, 7) fear of sexual contact, 8) emotional instability, 9) tendency for psychosomatic disease, 10) concealment of past life, and 11) anger toward the group. The results of an analysis of variance showed that tendencies for depression and anxiety, tendency for psychosomatic disease, and concealment of past life decreased during the progress period after leaving the group and counseling, while loss of self-esteem and anger toward the group increased by counseling.


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