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Social support by telephone communication and psychological health among adult women

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  • 成人女性における電話による社会的支援と心理学的健康
  • セイジン ジョセイ ニ オケル デンワ ニヨル シャカイテキ シエン ト シン

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This study examined (1) the factor structures of social support by telephone communication and (2) the relationship between social support factors and psychological health (self-esteem, loneliness). Several scales were administered to adult women who lived in municipal housing-development apartments. The scales measuring social support were consisted of items asking the frequencies of receiving and providing support by telephone communication. Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale and the 8-item version of the UCLA Loneliness Scale were also assessed. According to the factor analysis of received support, seven factors were obtained and named as follows: positive feedback, guidance/emotional support, gratification of affiliation need, confirmation of intimacy, caring, lending, co-behavior. The factor analysis of provided support identified seven factors, labeled emotional support, positive feedback, guidance, caring, confirmation of intimacy, co-behavior, money-lending, respectively. Exchanges of social support were more related to loneliness than self-esteem. The factors scores of received support explained a larger proportion of the variance in loneliness scores than those of the provided support did, whereas each of received support and provided support contributed uniquely to self-esteem. The effects of social support factors on psychological health were discussed. Finally, the usefulness of telephone communication in social support system for the aged was suggested.


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