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Long term effects from bullying on a victim and the differences between the victim's self-perception and the victim's perception of other victim

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  • いじめが被害者に及ぼす長期的な影響および被害者の自己認知と他の被害者認知の差
  • いじめが被害者に及ぼす長期的な影響および被害者の自己認知と他の被害認知の差
  • イジメ ガ ヒガイシャ ニ オヨボス チョウキテキ ナ エイキョウ オヨビ ヒ

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This study has the following two aims. First, it is aimed at investigating the effect of a victim's coping style with bullying with regard to resolving bullying problems. Second, it is aimed at exploring long term effects of bullying on a victim. The main results of the first part of this study were as follows: 1. The active reaction of victim's to the assailant increased the rate of improvement or complete resolution of the bullying problem. When a victim asked somebody (for example, his/her school mates, family, teacher, or all of the above) to help, the results indicated improvement or complete resolution. However, no resistance by a victim increased the possibility of continuing bullying. 2. Bullied experiences have long term influences on a victim in various ways such as physical, active, social, and psychological. In the second study, the victim's self-perception and his/her perception of other victims concerning the long term influence of bullying were compared. The victim's self-evaluation was significantly smaller than his/her evaluation of other victims. These results were analysed from victim's defensive attitude, and differences in perception between actor and observer.


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