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Cross-Cultural Research Methodology and Approach : Implications for the advancement of Japanese social psychology(<Spcial Issue>Cross cultural psychology and cultural psychology)



This paper outlines a conceptual framework of cross-cultural research and its implications forthe advancement of Japanese social psychology. The cross-cultural approach represents an alternative scientific paradigm that supplements, complements, and extends existing theories and methodsin social psychology. While social psychology adopted the natural sciences approach in definingthe field, the cross-cultural psychology bridges the natural sciences tradition with cultural sciencesapproach. This integration closely parallels Wilhelm Wundt's original paradigmatic framework.Wundt articulated the need to integrate cultural level analysis or Volkerpsychologie (ethnopsychology) with the individual experimental analysis to formulate a holistic or ganzheit psychology. Japanese social psychology has been influenced by individualistic theories and methods developed in social psychology. Individualistic assumptions, methods, and goals are, however, incongruent with the relational and collective orientation of Japanese culture and people. The present authors will review the current research in individualism and collectivism to highlight the utility ofthe cross-cultural approach and its implications for developing an alternative research frameworkthat is rooted in Japanese cultural context.



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