The effects of the communication target on self-effacement

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  • 謙遜の生起に対するコミュニケーション・ターゲットの効果
  • ケンソン ノ セイキ ニ タイスル コミュニケーション ターゲット ノ コウカ

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We investigated self-effacement as an interpersonal issue. We focused on not only people who effaced themselves, but also on the communication targets to whom they showed their self-effacement. A mail survey was conducted to collect representative dyadic data. The results illustrate the social and interactive nature of self-effacement. First, the respondents were more likely to efface themselves to those communication targets who favor the modesty norm, and to those who deny the respondents' self-effacement. Second, the respondents preferred not to self-efface when NEITHER of them favored the modesty norm. Finally, we discuss the importance of using dyadic interaction to study communication norms.


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