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Showa Nanjakorya : Game that focus on the things of the Showa era unfamiliar for the young, the elderly and the young can enjoy together

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  • 昭和ナンジャコリャ : 若者から見て馴染みの薄い昭和時代のモノに着目した、高齢者と若者が一緒に楽しむことができるゲーム(ポスター(シナリオ・キャラクター・ゲーム),映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム2014)
  • 昭和ナンジャコリャ : 若者から見て馴染みの薄い昭和時代のモノに着目した、高齢者と若者が一緒に楽しむことができるゲーム
  • ショウワ ナンジャコリャ : ワカモノ カラ ミテ ナジミ ノ ウスイ ショウワ ジダイ ノ モノ ニ チャクモク シタ 、 コウレイシャ ト ワカモノ ガ イッショ ニ タノシム コト ガ デキル ゲーム

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Showa Nanjakorya is a quiz game that shows the picture of the things that were used in the Showa era, and asks how to use them. These things are nostalgic for the elderly, and fresh for the young. People can play this game with a smart phone or tablet PC at hand, gathering around a large screen such as a television. Players can enjoy unique answer from the young who have no idea of the correct answer, and admire the experiences such as "It has been using like this!" from the elderly. As a tool to produce a positive communication between the elderly and the young, Showa Nanjakorya can be expected to be used in such as welfare facilities, school, and museum.


  • ITE Technical Report

    ITE Technical Report 38.16 (0), 141-144, 2014

    The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers

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