A Questionnaire Survey on Discrepancies between Assumed and Actual Demands and Knowledge of Citizens for Tsunami Disaster Prevention

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  • 津波防災に対する住民・海岸利用者の意識と対策立案者の認識との相違に関する調査
  • 徳島県内の社会福祉施設の立地特性と津波防災対策の現状
  • トクシマ ケンナイ ノ シャカイ フクシ シセツ ノ リッチ トクセイ ト ツナミ ボウサイ タイサク ノ ゲンジョウ

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Questionnaire surveys were conducted to investigate discrepancies between consciousness of citizens for tsunami disaster prevention assumed by administrations and actual consciousness of residents and visitors in tsunami vulnerable areas. It was found that the residents expect hardware measures (structures) against tsunami attacks, whereas visitors prefer software measures for evacuation. It is important to guide citizens toward software measures and give appropriatei nstructionsf or effectivee vacuation. Citizenws ho have experienceo ft sunamia ttack orlivingn ear the coastlineh ave clear images for threat of tsunamis.Goodc ommunicationb etween administrationsa nd citizensc an restrain the reduction of efficiencyf or tsunamip rotectionm easures.


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