Energy and Current Waveforms of an Intense Electron Beam Passing through Cavities

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  • 空洞を用いた大強度電子ビームのエネルギー・電流波形制御
  • クウドウ オ モチイタ ダイ キョウド デンシ ビーム ノ エネルギー デンリュウ ハケイ セイギョ

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Experiments on transformation of energy and beam current waveforms of an intense relativistic electron beams were carried out. An intense electron beam with energy of 500 keV, current of 3 kA and duration of 12 ns was injected into a drift tube. A coaxial cavity connected with the drift tube via a gap was utilized to transform the time evolution of electron energies of the beam. The scheme is the same as the autoacceleration except the cavity length. The former part of the beam with duration of the round trip time of the cavity lost the energy and following part of the beam with the same duration gained the energy. A cylindrical cavity with large radius was located behind the coaxial cavity to change the time evolution of current waveform of the beam. The injected beam current larger than the space charge limiting current at the cavity was decreased gradually to the limiting current by elongating the cavity length. Trapezoidal waveforms of injected electron energy and beam current were transformed to the time-increasing waveforms after the cavities.



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