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Location Attempts of a Heated and Irradiated Portion in a Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable by Frequency Domain Reflectometry and Line Resonance Analysis

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  • 局所熱・放射線同時劣化シリコーンゴム絶縁ケーブルの周波数領域反射測定法と線路共振解析法による劣化位置標定
  • キョクショ ネツ ・ ホウシャセン ドウジ レッカ シリコーンゴム ゼツエン ケーブル ノ シュウハスウ リョウイキ ハンシャ ソクテイホウ ト センロ キョウシン カイセキホウ ニ ヨル レッカ イチヒョウ テイ

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<p>Electric cables play important roles for supplying power and for transmitting information and control signals. Therefore, their degradation may cause a serious problem. Silicone rubber (SiR) is widely used for electrical insulation in safety-related cables in nuclear power plants. In this paper, the ability of locating a degraded portion in a duplex cable insulated with SiR was compared between a system based on frequency domain reflectometry (FDR) being developed by the authors and a commercially available system called line resonance analysis (LIRA). Reflecting the fact that the FDR system can expand the measurement frequency range, FDR shows a higher sensitivity and a better resolution than LIRA. However, both methods cannot detect the degradation of SiR before its further use becomes uncommendable.</p>



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