Wavelength Tuning Characteristics of Idler Waves in Terahertz-Wave Parametric Oscillator Using Optical Double Resonance

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  • 光二重共振型テラヘルツ波パラメトリック発振器におけるアイドラー波の波長可変特性

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We experimentally investigated the wavelength tuning of oscillating idler (Stokes) waves by slightly translating the position of a mirror constituting an enhancement cavity in a terahertz (THz)-wave parametric oscillator (TPO) with optical double resonance. The wide tuning range of the idler wavelength was from 781.5 to 787.3 nm, corresponding to the frequency range of THz (signal) waves from 0.7 to 3.5 THz. The measured intersecting angle between pump and idler waves was in good agreement with the theoretical calculation of the noncollinear phase-matching condition in all the above tuning range.



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