‘e-Learning on demand’: A Study of Time-Free, Space-Free Online Learning Via Multimedia Teaching Materials

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  • タイムフリー・スペースフリーな遠隔講義を実現する<br> マルチメディア教材配信方式の実験的検討
  • タイムフリー・スペースフリーな遠隔講義を実現するマルチメディア教材配信方式の実験的検討
  • タイムフリー スペースフリー ナ エンカク コウギ オ ジツゲン スル マルチメディア キョウザイ ハイシン ホウシキ ノ ジッケンテキ ケントウ

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We have created a new advanced prototype system that creates an online “e-Learning on demand” environment with unique time-free, space-free and remote distance multimedia features. We propose a format and learning materials’ structure for constructing a one-source, multi-use material distribution system based on semantic transcoding technology. This technology enables us to provide a seamless material distribution process suitable to various learning environments. We confirmed the practicality of the electronic learning materials for lectures in a mobile environment as well as the effectiveness of one-source, multi-use electronic learning materials through various experiments which include wired note PC, wireless PDA and mobile phone.<br>



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