A High Resolution Image Acquisition System with Color Correction Function Using Color Reference

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  • 色参照体を用いた色補正と複数領域高解像度化による高精細静止画像入力方式
  • イロ サンショウタイ オ モチイタ イロ ホセイ ト フクスウ リョウイキ コウカイゾウドカ ニ ヨル コウセイサイ セイシ ガゾウ ニュウリョク ホウシキ

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We propose a low-cost high resolution digital image acquisition system based on image mosaicing technique. Our system is unique in 3 points: (1) It assumes the users to zoom into their regions of interests, rather than scan over the whole scene; (2) It asks the users to capture a color chart, which the original color is known, with the object, to correct the color differences in-between image frames. (3) It restrains the error accumulation, an essential problem in video mosaicing technique, in a quick way; and (4) It composites only the selected video images, rather than compositing them all. This system is low in cost, because it doesn't require the use of expensive devices, or professional skills. We will present the experimental results on the processing time and the correctness of the registrations of the image pieces to the mosaic image to show the effectiveness of our system.<br>



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