Investigation on Robustness of Air Fuel Ratio Control in Transient States under Changes of Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation

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  • 内部EGR使用時における過渡時空燃比制御のロバスト性検討
  • ナイブ EGR シヨウジ ニ オケル カトジ クウネンヒ セイギョ ノ ロバストセイ ケントウ

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Exhaust gas recirculation(EGR) has been applied to improve the fuel consumption recently. Internal EGR gives a great impact to the dynamic characteristics of the air induction system. Therefore, air fuel ratio(AFR) controllers have to compensate the effect for the prification efficiency of exhaust gas emissions. In this study, the backstepping and a feedforward controls with the adaptive mechanism were applied to the air fuel ration control and the robustness was demonstrated experimentally. The proposed controller showed a sufficiently robustness and a highly precise AFR control.



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