Quantitative evaluation of erythrocyte deformability by using micro-visualization technique

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  • 可視化による赤血球変形能の定量評価
  • 可視化による赤血球変形能の定量評価 : 形状回復時定数を使った個々の血球の粘弾性特性の測定
  • カシカ ニ ヨル セッケッキュウ ヘンケイノウ ノ テイリョウ ヒョウカ : ケイジョウ カイフク ジテイスウ オ ツカッタ ココ ノ ケッキュウ ノ ネンダンセイ トクセイ ノ ソクテイ
  • ―形状回復時定数を使った個々の血球の粘弾性特性の測定―
  • ― Measurement of time constant of shape recovery process as a visco-elastic specification of each blood cells ―

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Erythrocyte is the major cellular component in human blood. Its deformability affects the hemo-dynamical performance in microcirculation. So measurement and evaluation of its deformability is really important to understand and diagnose microangiopathy. The author tried to evaluate the deformability of each erythrocyte by measuring the time constant of shape recovery just after the erythrocyte left the micro-channels under the micro visualization. The artificially stiffer the cell membrane and thinner hemoglobin solution was using glutaraldehyde and hypotonic saline solution, the shorter the time constant for relaxation became compared to healthy erythrocytes.. And the time constant distribution of each donor showed the lognormal distribution. These result indicates that the shape recovery process is able to be modeled by the Kelvin model and the deformability of individual erythrocytes can be quantitated by the time constant for relaxation measured by this techniques. Finally, this paper introduce the relationship between the time constant and blood test results of various diabetic subject.



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