Analysis of Shape and Facial Muscle Activity of Smiles


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  • 笑顔の形状と表情筋活動の分析
  • エガオ ノ ケイジョウ ト ヒョウジョウキン カツドウ ノ ブンセキ

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A casual smile has power enough to change the speed of the receiving and transmitting of information, capacity, and affinity in communication. In addition, by making conscious smile, it is reported that the physiological feedback of facial muscle activity to evoke positive emotion. There is a diversity of smile. It is probable that only a genuine smile can lead to health benefits of mental and physical. In general, it is called "Duchenne smile" that you can make favorable impression and make happy. In contrast, it is called "non-Duchenne smile" that is unnatural smile and polite manner smile. The difference between these two smiles will be clarified by the analysis of a geometric characteristic of the face. Moreover, it will clarify facial muscle activity patterns of each smile by electromyography. These results show that the golden ratio appear in the Duchene smile, there is a peculiar pattern to the contraction of facial muscles. For smile to deepen the relationship between people, I would like to explain through analysis.


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