Roles of RORγt+ Innate Lymphoid cells in mucosal tissues of mouse and human

  • SAWA Shinichiro
    Department of Immunology, Graduate School and faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

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  • マウスおよびヒト粘膜組織におけるRORγt陽性自然リンパ球の意義

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  Innate Lymphoid cells (ILCs) are recently defined lymphocytes composed of several subsets such as Natural Killer (NK), Natural Helper (NH) and RORγt+ cells, which have no antigen receptors but exhibit rapid cytokine production after stimulation. Murine RORγt+ ILCs can be classified either as CCR6+c-kithighIL-7Rαhigh or CCR6NKp46+ cells. The former ones play roles on the formation of secondary lymphoid tissues and the later ones contribute to the maintenance of intestinal epithelial integrity by producing IL-22. Human fetal intestine, tonsil and lympho nodes harbor both NKp44 positive and negative RORγt+ ILC subsets. Since human Crohn's disease patients have increased number of RORγt+ ILCs in the inflamed intestine, roles of RORγt+ ILCs on the pathogenesis of Crohn's disease became of great interest.<br>



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