Challenging Behavior in a Child with Developmental Disabilities in an Integrated Preschool : Using Functional Assessment to Specify Target Behavior and Intervention Procedures

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  • 統合保育場面の発達障害児の問題行動に対する専門機関の支援 : 機能的アセスメントに基づく支援における標的行動と介入手続きの特定化の観点から
  • トウゴウ ホイク バメン ノ ハッタツ ショウガイジ ノ モンダイ コウドウ ニ タイスル センモン キカン ノ シエン キノウテキ アセスメント ニ モトヅク シエン ニ オケル ヒョウテキ コウドウ ト カイニュウ テツズキ ノ トクテイカ ノ カンテン カラ

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The present study describes technical assistance based on a functional assessment of the challenging behavior of a boy with developmental disabilities in an integrated preschool setting. Target behavior and intervention procedures were specified. Initially, general procedures were decided on in the context of the classroom teacher's decision to implement a support plan in the on-going preschool. Then the target behavior and intervention procedures were determined. Procedures were chosen to fit into the everyday routines of the preschool. The procedures were changed on the basis of results from their implementation, in order to improve them. The results showed that the child's participation in daily activities increased, and his challenging behavior decreased. The teacher evaluated the plan and the resulting modifications positively. On the other hand, the tartget behavior and the invervention procedures were not fully specified. The results indicate that technical assistance was needed to clarify for the child and the teacher the conditions for consistent implementation of a support plan, and for specification of the target behavior and intervention procedures.


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