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Torque Ripple Minimization for Switched Reluctance Motors Driven by a Boost Type Drive Circuit

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  • 昇圧形駆動回路によるスイッチドリラクタンスモータのトルク脈動抑制
  • ショウアツケイ クドウ カイロ ニ ヨル スイッチドリラクタンスモータ ノ トルク ミャクドウ ヨクセイ

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<p>This paper discusses torque ripple minimization for switched reluctance motors (SRMs) driven by a boost type drive circuit. Current profiles for torque ripple minimization can be obtained from the torque-current-position characteristics of SRMs, and motor current can be controlled to follow the profiles at low speeds. However, the error between current profiles and actual currents increases at high speeds because of increase in back EMF and voltage saturation. In this study, a boost type drive circuit is applied to an SRM drive system to prevent the voltage saturation at high speeds, and the validity of the proposed drive system is demonstrated through experiments.</p>



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