Successful surgical treatment of an inferior epigastric artery injury caused by Tenckhoff catheter removal : A case report

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  • 腹膜透析カテーテル抜去に伴い生じた下腹壁動脈損傷に直視下止血術で対応した1例
  • 症例報告 腹膜透析カテーテル抜去に伴い生じた下腹壁動脈損傷に直視下止血術で対応した1例
  • ショウレイ ホウコク フクマク トウセキ カテーテル バツキョ ニ トモナイ ショウジタ シタハラヘキ ドウミャク ソンショウ ニ チョクシ カ シケツジュツ デ タイオウ シタ 1レイ

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An 85-year-old female underwent Tenckhoff catheter removal. The catheter had been inserted 6 years ago via a transrectal (paramedian) approach. Three hours after the catheter removal, a large subcutaneous hematoma (diameter : >10 cm) developed. The patient was taken to theater, where the injured inferior epigastric artery was ligated, and the hematoma was evacuated. The patient’s recovery was uneventful. During the removal of a Tenckhoff catheter that was inserted via a transrectal approach, the risk of inferior epigastric artery injury should be considered.



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