Immunopathological studies of marginal periodontitis


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  • 辺縁性歯周炎の免疫病理学的研究 IV‐2  endotoxin接種によるラット骨組織の反応
  • 第4報 その (2) endotoxin接種によるラット骨組織の反応


Endotoxin has been considered as playing an important role in bone resorption of periodontitis. Many in vitro studies show evidences to strengthen this concept. The aim of this study is to clarify whether or not endotoxin-induced bone loss can occur in vivo<BR>Endotoxin extracted from Fusobacterium nucleatum was injected into the palata lmucous membrane of rats which were sacrificed periodically. The injected parts were resected en bloc and the hist opathological changes were examined. Further, the remnants of endotoxin and C3 deposits in the inje cted site were observed by using the immunofluorescent technique:<BR>Transient retrograde changes in the superficial area of the bony tissue and neighbouring soft tissue were observed, although the suggested bone resorption did not occur. The injected soluble endotoxin was quickly disposed by various defense mechanisms. Accordingly, in vivo, bone resorption due to direct effect of the endotoxin may occur only in cases of long standing presence of hi gh dose endotoxin at the site.



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