Immunopathological study of salivary glands


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  • だ液せんの免疫病理学的研究 III  DNA抗原接種によるADCC活性について
  • 第3報 DNA抗原接種によるADCC活性について


The anti DNA serum is a kind of autoantibody which sometimes brings about various autoimmune diseases. The mechanism of tissue injuries caused by and DNA serum are not well known. It is however evident that the salivary glands and lacrymal glands of certain SD-rats suffer injuries with the infiltration or proliferation of lymphocytes (mainly T-cells) due to prolonged antigenic stimulation of DNA.<BR>The correlation between injuries and ADCC due to inoculation of DNA to rat was investigated in this study. Sensitized lymphocytes obtained from peripheral blood and parotid lymph nodes showed strong ADCC activity to target cells (SRBC), and the activity rate of lymphocytes in the parotid lymph nodes was of especially high level. From the results, it was suggested that ADCC activity had every possibility of giving rise to glandular injuries, if the lymphocytes which possessed ADCC activity infiltrated or proliferated the glands and a specific antibody was produced by the DNA antigen.


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