Immunopathological study of periodontal disease V-I. Actinomyces antigens in the gingiva of individual with periodontal disease


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  • 辺縁性歯周炎の免疫病理学的研究, 第5報, <I>Actinomyces</I>抗原と歯周炎, その1, 炎症歯肉における<I>Actinomyces</I>抗原の侵襲について

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By use of immunofluorescent technique, we found Actinomyces naeslundii in the intra-and intercellular spaces of the sulcular epithelium and in the subepithelial connective tissue of the gingiva of individuals with periodontal disease. Characteristic localization of bacterial components was observed. Their existence were widespread as vaccine was intracutaneously inoculated.<BR>From the above experimental results, we were convinced that Actinomyces damaged the perio-dontal tissue directly by its products and specific immune reaction.



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