Immunopathological study of periodontal desease V-II. Detection of immunocompetent cells affinity with <I>Actinomyces</I> antigens


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  • 辺縁性歯周炎の免疫病理学的研究, 第5報, <I>Actinonmces</I>抗原と歯周炎, その2, ヒト炎症歯肉における<I>Actinonmces</I>親和性免疫担当細胞の検出について

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By use of indirect Immunofluorescent technique, immunocytes which reacted with thesoluble antigen of Actnomyces naeslundii were demonstrated in 23 gingivae of 24 individuals with periodontal disease.<BR>The fluorescence positive immunocytes were mainly composed of blastoid transformation cells andsome of them were regarded as plasmocytes which were expected to grow into plasma cells. It is notclear but T-cells were also involved in the fluorescence positive immunocytes.



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