Growth, yield and antioxidant activity of supernodulation Soybean Sakukei 4 grown in the narrow row planting with compost, as a succeeding crop of barley

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  • 大麦後作で堆肥を施用して狭畦栽培を行った根粒超着生ダイズ品種作系4号の生育,収量および子実の抗酸化活性
  • オオムギ アトサク デ タイヒ オ シヨウシテ キョウケイ サイバイ オ オコナッタ コンリュウ チョウチャクセイ ダイズ ヒンシュ サクケイ 4ゴウ ノ セイイク シュウリョウ オヨビ シジツ ノ コウサンカ カッセイ

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Effects of compost application on growth, yield and antioxidant activity in the supernodulation soybean variety, Sakukei 4 with narrow row planting were discussed. Total root dry weight at the harvest stage, yield and antioxidant activity was increased in narrow row planting with compost application rather than the control. Yield of Sakukei 4 with narrow row planting showed comparatively high, but it was suggested that late seeding time may decrease of LAI and lead to decrease the yield. Optimum seeding time is important to gain more a stable yield especially in Sakukei 4.


  • The Hokuriku Crop Science

    The Hokuriku Crop Science 43 (0), 77-80, 2008

    Society for Crop Science and Plant Breeding of Hokuriku


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