A report of White Buffalo Inc. Professional Shooting Training

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  • ホワイトバッファロー社における夜間シカ狙撃の訓練プログラム
  • ホワイトバッファローシャ ニ オケル ヤカン シカ ソゲキ ノ クンレン プログラム

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<p>Night shooting of sika deer (Cervus nippon), which became legal with restricted conditions in 2015, without proper strategy and tactics may increase the number of deer habituated to hunters, and may not be an efficient method to reduce overabundant deer populations. We took the White Buffalo Inc. Professional Shooting Training course between August 5 and 7, 2016. The training included 10 hours of shooting practice and test on the shooting range, 4.5 hours of shooting practice on a mobile shooting training range in a forested environment, 4.5 hours of live deer shooting in an enclosed deer research facility, 2.5 hours of lecture about equipment and so on, and 1.5 hours of discussion. We practiced shooting targets and live deer by 5.56 mm caliber rifles with optical scopes, heavy barrels and sound suppressors at various distances with bench rest and mobile shooting. It is necessary to practice shooting proper firearms intensively in order to shoot the centers of brains of all deer in a herd consecutively. Marksmen should kill all deer of a herd in order not to increase the number of deer habituated to hunters, since night shooting is a last resort to reduce deer populations. We conclude that a training program for safe and efficient night shooting should be developed in Japan.</p>


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