Construction of Mechano-Bionic Micro Tools-Demonstration of Skeletal Muscle Cells Driven Artificial Micro Skeleton-

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  • メカノバイオニック微小ツールの構築―骨格筋細胞による人工微小骨格の駆動実験―
  • メカノバイオニック ビショウ ツール ノ コウチク コッカクキン サイボウ ニ ヨル ジンコウ ビショウ コッカク ノ クドウ ジッケン
  • —Demonstration of Skeletal Muscle Cells Driven Artificial Micro Skeleton—
  • ―骨格筋細胞による人工微小骨格の駆動実験―

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Mechano-bionic micro tool is a fusion of the micro mechanical components with the bionic systems. Mechanical output from mechano-bionic system could be caused by combination of multiple functions via artificial and bionic components. In this study, we demonstrated muscular cells driven micro tweezers-like structure with artificial three-dimensional micro/nano structure as a mechano-bionic system. We employed structural depend movements for the tweezers with precise three-dimensional micro scaffold to control principal movement without complex molecular biological cellular differentiation and adhesion techniques. The asymmetric inner structure with isometric stiffness could work for guide structure such as joints and skeleton. Focused ion beam technique for three-dimensional fabrication was employed to manufacture biocompatible three-dimensional scaffold on dog's body hair. Skeletal myoblast of rat primary culture were attached on the rapid prototyped structures, and the cells successfully differentiated to myotubes. The deformation of the manipulator was not enough, however the micro structure was driven by muscular contraction due to electrical stimulation. This study was the first trial to realize endoskeletal mechanical micro system using the asymmetric three-dimensional structure.



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