Visualization of Injury Hazard of a Playground Equipment using Children Fall Simulator

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  • 年齢別子ども転倒シミュレータによる遊具の転倒傷害危険度の可視化
  • ネンレイベツ コドモ テントウ シミュレータ ニ ヨル ユウグ ノ テントウ ショウガイ キケンド ノ カシカ

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In order to clarify and understand hazards lurking in playground equipment, visualization of the hazard is effective way. Therefore, we developed a method to construct hazard maps of playground equipment, calculated from simulations, by using computer models of children falling on a playground slide. This method makes it possible to understand the hazards of playground equipment easily. Full-body multi-body models of children, based on Japanese data, were constructed. The hazard map of a playground slide was constructed to provide an example of possible hazard maps of playground equipment. Simulations of children falling on the playground slide were carried out by using both the multi-body models for children and the playground slide models, which were constructed from CAD data of an actual slide. The calculated head injury hazard values were mapped on the playground slide model so as to easily identify hazards. As the results, the maps made it possible to understand easily that the hazard varies greatly due to initial falling position on the spiral staircase and also children ages.


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