On the Fundamental Study of a Moving Robot with the Tactile Sensor (2nd Report)

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  • 触覚つき移動ロボットに関する基礎的研究(第2報)
  • 触覚つき移動ロボットに関する基礎的研究 (第2報) : その制御と経路探索の基礎的実験
  • 触覚つき移動ロボットに関する基礎的研究-2-その制御と経路探索の基礎的実験
  • ショッカクツキ イドウ ロボット ニ カンスル キソテキ ケンキュウ 2 ソノ
  • Its Control and Fundamental Experiments of Path finding
  • その制御と経路探索の基礎的実験

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This study is on a moving robot with the tactile sensor, which is able to autonomously find the path to move. The f unction of the tactile sensor which is installed on the moving robot was described in the previous report. This paper describes the control method of the robot and the path-finding algorithm. The algorithm actively uses the information concerning obstacles obtained by the tactile sensor during the movement of the robot. The robot has three control modes; it can move straight forward or backward, or can make a turn on the spot. These modes are commanded by a mini-computer. The path-finding algorithm described here may be called as "Groping method". This algorithm consists of the following three sub-algorithms as "Normal searching", "Decision of steering clear of obstacle" and "Reverse searching". The abilities of the robot are shown by the experimental results.



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